Themes & Sessions

T01 Ocean dynamics and climate (coordinator - Alexander V. Babanin, University of Melbourne, Australia)
  General papers
Extreme metocean conditions and tsunami
Mathematical and laboratory modeling of dynamic processes in the ocean
Asian Marginal Seas: from large scale to mesoscale water dynamics and interaction with ecosystem
ENSO complexity and modulation
T02 Marine geology and geological resources (coordinator - Ying Ye, Zhejiang University, China)
  General papers
Gashydrates of the Pacific Ocean
Sedimentology and paleoceanography of the Pacific Ocean
T03 Ocean environment and ecosystem (coordinators - Aleksei Baitaliuk, Yury Zuenko, TINRO, Russia)
  General papers
Ocean ecosystems under climate and anthropogenic pressure
Marine pollution
Radioecology of the world ocean
T04 Ocean and sustainability of human life (coordinator – Hideki Kohno , Hoshi University, Japan)
  General papers
T05 Polar ocean research and explorations (coordinator – John Wiltshire, University of Hawaii, USA)
  General papers
Carbon cycle in the Arctic land-shelf system
T06 Ocean engineering, marine constructions and renewable energy (coordinator – Koichi Masuda, Nihon University, Japan)
  General papers
Tsunami engineering
Port and harbor engineering
Marine constructions for oil and gas exploration
Ocean renewable energy
T07 Undersea vehicles, robotics, acoustics (coordinators – Valeriy Petukhov, Aleksey Kiryanov, FEFU, Russia)
  General papers
Undersea vehicles and robotics
Underwater acoustics: measurements, simulation, applications
T08 Ocean hazards (coordinator – DanLing Tang, SCSIO CAS, China)
  General papers
T09 Fisheries and aquaculture (coordinator – Ken Leber, MOTE, USA)
  General papers
T10 Ocean observations (coordinator – Vyacheslav Lobanov, POI FEB RAS, Russia)
  General papers
Ocean observation networks and innovation of observation technology
Ocean remote sensing
Citizen science
T11 Sustainable economy, ocean policy making and education (coordinator – Michael P. Crosby, MOTE, USA)
  General papers
Sustainability approaches in Pacific Islands from Sato-umi to Pacific Islander Ecosystem Management Strategies
Integrated coastal zone management
Marine policy and marine activity in the North Pacific region
Education in marine sciences