Call for Session Proposals: PACON 2019

PACON 2019 Conference will be held on July 16-19, 2019 at the Congress and Exhibition Center of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia.

The Program Committee invites session proposals on PACON 2019 Conference themes:

  • Ocean dynamics and climate

  • Marine geology and geological resources

  • Ocean environment and ecosystem

  • Ocean and sustainability of human life

  • Polar ocean research and explorations

  • Ocean engineering, marine constructions and renewable energy,

  • Undersea vehicles, robotics, acoustics

  • Ocean hazards

  • Fisheries and aquaculture

  • Ocean observation technologies

  • Sustainable economy, ocean policy making and education

Proposal for oral session should include a session title, brief description of the session (no more than 250 words), names of conveners, and indication of relevant conference theme (above).

The Program Committee will evaluate all proposals submitted by the deadline using the following criteria:

  • Merit and clarity of the 250-word abstract;

  • Completeness of the proposal, particularly having well-developed content and sufficient speakers to address all relevant aspects of the topic;

  • Originality of proposed topic;

  • Diversity of the content and speaker representation;

  • Appropriateness of proposed format with session content; and

  • Completeness of proposal and presenters.

All proposals will be considered in the context of the overall structure of the meeting and availability of time slots for proposed sessions.

The deadline for submitting proposals for 26th PACON Conference is January 20th, 2019 5 p.m. Vladivostok time.

If you have any questions about the proposal process, please contact the Conference Program Committee: